About The Platform

Algorithm Training

GridSearch enables you to train cutting edge machine learning algorithms trade financial markets. GridSearch's research engine enables you to develop sophisticated models without the need to obtain, store or clean data or write a single line of code.

  • No Coding Skills Required
  • No Statistics Skills Required
  • No Machine Learning Skills Required
  • Advanced Algorithms And Methods At Hand
  • Advanced Pipeline Designs Possible
  • Low Time Demand

Algorithm Validation

GridSearch's backtesting engine enables you to validate your algorithms on historical and live data. Through the backtesting engine you can simulate how your algorihtms would have perfomed in the past and how they perform on live data.

  • Sophisticated Backtesting Engine
  • Validation On Historical and Live Data
  • Comprehensive Metrics Of Risk And Return
  • Advanced Version And Strategy Control
  • Avoids Look Ahead Bias
  • Avoids Overfitting

Algorithm Deployment

GridSearch allows you to deploy your algorithms to your trading account with no effort. GridSearch integrated leading brokerages to enable you to deploy your algorithms seamlessly and to exploit the power of AI in paper- and live trading.

  • Leading Brokerage Integration
  • Seamless Algorithm Deployment
  • Seamless Algorithm Deprecation
  • Live Portfolio and Risk Mangement
  • Live- And Paper Trading
  • Full Control Over Funds